FAQ - Hair

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Washing your hair every day is perfectly alright. It is actually the best thing to do for your hair, skin and body. You have lots of shampoos according to your hair and scalp type and most shampoos are safe to be used every day.

Ra Anagen is a Supplement with amino acids and micro nutrients for the hair health and wellbeing of the hair but if you have an obvious thinning maybe there is a reason more than that, maybe you have a severe iron deficiency or some other hormonal issues. You need to meet your doctor. This is just a supplement which adds to a good health but cannot treat a problem.

Hello, if you have had hair-fall for the last 5 years it is high time that you really speak to a doctor, get a few investigations done to see if your hormones, blood level of micronutrients are all in place only then you will actually get to the bottom of your problem.

You could try our RA anagen by SolSkin which is a fantastic combination of amino acids and other essential nutrients for hair. You could then add on an anti-oxidant for it which is RA Bright. To know more about the supplement, you can follow @solskincorp and you can order it from there.

Thermolysis can also be tried but works on individual hair. Laser hair removal I don’t know what equipment you have tried but the latest equipment is absolutely painless and also 3 sittings of anything is not going to give you results. You need to have 8 to 10 sittings at least and especially if you do have PCOS you may even need more but 8 sitting it minimum you need to try before you really think something hasn’t worked for you.

In order to differentiate between dryness and dandruff, that only an expert can do because if you apply oil and massage on a dandruff scalp with dandruff that will worsen the condition. But if you use an anti-dandruff lotion on a dry scalp that might worsen the condition. So, it is extremely important for an expert to take a look at and if you do have hair-fall along with please make sure your nutrition is taken care of as well and maybe you need a blood test to figure out any special deficiency.

I prefer that Diode laser is much more effective than the Q switch laser. It also depends on your skin type since you said you are from Chandigarh; I presume you are fairer with probably thicker dark hair so Diode will be a better bet for you to do. When you do a whole body make sure you don’t do areas of your body which has scanty, thin and fine hair… they don’t usually work and you might get what is called rebound hair which becomes worse than what it is.

Yes, this may have to be done on a periodic basis. However, let’s see what the cause of your hair fall is and then maybe we could treat it in a way that you would get a long-term result. Write to my team at info@drrashmishetty.com.

Yes! Otherwise how will the transplant happen? We have to extract from one side and then put to the other side.

If you have PCOS and hairfall, then I would like to see your blood report to see which hormone is not in the right range and probably fixing that appropriately will help you hugely. That’s what I would do, before, jumping into PRP. Start with a MultiVitamin like Ra Anagen, 2 at night, and also see if your nutrition is at right level. Simply a Vitmain D, B12 or your iron not in the right level can also lead to hairfall. So just dont fall into PRP.

PRP is different from ProGenitor. ProGenitor is a single Sitting Treatment and is available at Mumbai and Hyderabad.