Reva Health & Skin

Beauty, Health and Energy – are the cornerstones of the Reva practice.

Founded in 2009, Reva is a progressive new age aesthetics, anti-aging and wellness clinic.

Combining the power and approach of revolutionary science, modern medicine, the most innovative medical technologies and the most advanced procedures and treatments;
Reva offers the best in anti-aging, restorative, surgical as well as non-surgical, laser and therapeutic detox treatments for skin care, hair care, body beautification and total body wellness.

Through an integrated holistic approach

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of ancient ayurvedic and modern day science with the use of innovative technologies, Reva offers the best anti-aging, restorative and therapeutic detox treatments and remedies.

It takes a more holistic approach to aesthetics and wellness by embracing ancient ayurveda as well as providing individualized nutritional guidance.

Reva combines the best of medical and aesthetic sciences under one roof to help every patient achieve the best of their Beauty, Health and Energy.

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Reva Health & Skin, 3rd Floor, Merchant
    Tower, Road No. 4, Banjara Hills,
    Hyderabad, India, Above Origins.
Call Us- +914044544335
9:00 am – 7:00 pm