@drrashmishettyra thank you for taking care of my skin ❤😘 you saved me.

Ritika Singh

Blessed to have you in life @drrashmishettyra 😇 You make my life so much more easier by taking care of my skin and always doing the best possible ! Can’t express how grateful I am ... Lots of love and hugs ❤🤗

Medha Tyagi

thank you @drrashmishettyra for not only taking care of my skin and hair, but also doing these heartfelt gestures. Am overwhelmed to have a friend like you❤️ thank you for everything

Ankush Nagpal

I started using sunscreen after reading "age erase". But the one I was using gave me an allergic reaction. I was scared to use sunscreen at that time. Then you came to my rescue. Last year you suggested me to use UV Doux and it was just perfect for me. I still use it and love it ❤️. I can't thank you enough for this. I love you ❤️❤️

Rosalin Biswal

Loving the anagen, hydrate and defence. Hair Fall has reduced multifolds and acne has vanished! A gazillion thanks to you!

Jaishree Santhosh

Skin issues!!!! And, I have her❤️ @drrashmishettyra Thanks for taking care of my skin:)


Skin Routine with my fav Doc. indi_yapa/Instagram Blessed to have met beautiful @drashmishettyra - known celebrity doctor in India. She has been helping me with my skin on my face. I was feeling really down mentally about this for a good year... had the honour of meeting her & getting her expertise & amaaazing results. Thank you Doc❤️

Purva Mantri

@drrashmishettyra met this cutie today.. Dealing with my skin problems 😘

Fatima Sana Shaikh

@drrashmishettyra thank you for taking care of my skin ❤️😘 you saved me


One of the most delightful #throwbackthursday for me. You’re not just a dermatologist, but a vibe. You exude so much of confidence, grace and womanhood. I’m glad that I met you years back and been going exponentially strong as friends ever since. Always be the same ❤️😘

Ankush Nagpal

Blessed to have you in life @drrashmishettyra 😇 You make my life so much more easier by taking care of my skin and always doing the best possible ! Can’t express how grateful I am ... Lots of love and hugs ❤️

Medha Tyagi

Skin issues!!!! And, I have her ❤️ @drrashmishettyra Thanks for taking care of my skin


Meet the Bold and Beautiful @drrashmishettyra from Ra Skin and Aesthetics,Mumbai ! I truly had a magical experience there and I assure you will too ! Get your perfect flawless skin with them ❤️

DJ Paroma

Their is somethg in ur hands and tht is magic😍 had a great time..

Lavanya Ambati

Secrets... shhhhhhh! It’s the end of the year so for everyone who asks me for skin secrets While a lot of it is genetic I do still give my skin a lot of #TLC in the form of vitamins and supplements... if you’re healthy and happy Its going to show on your skin.

Aditirao Hydari

“I trust my directors for the roles I play, and I trust Dr Rashmi Shetty for the role she plays as my hair and skin consultant. My shoot schedules are demanding-be it the harsh lights or pollution outdoors-leaving my skin and hair stressed. Dr Rashmi Shetty’s personalized care and right treatment gives me the confidence to take on any challenge. Kudos to Dr Rashmi for this informative book.”


“If my hair is good, if my skin is good, it is because of a disciplined lifestyle and Dr Rashmi Shetty.”

Akkineni Nagarjuna

“Dr Rashmi makes you look amazing with her amazing tip and techniques and makes you feel amazing with her lovely, warm, and affable personality-it’s a great combination!”

Shruti Hassan

“Ever since I’ve understood the meaning of beauty and skincare, I have always been using natural products, including home remedies. But given the industry I am working in, it leaves me exposed to sun, heat, dust, harsh lights etc. So I need a professional hand who will not just help me take care but also enhance the health of my skin and hair. And for this I rely only on Dr Rashmi, who is not only super proficient, her treatment method is very mild and never harsh or strong.”

Yami Gautam

“There’s always extra pressure when it comes to being in the limelight. Not to mention just being a woman who will inevitably go through life’s processes. We all want to look and feel young. So having Dr Rashmi Shetty to look after my skin has been a blessing. With all the travelling, work, and make up I have to wear, I only trust her to make sure my skin is always looking flawless. Thank you Dr Shetty.”

Nargis Fakhri

“I have been associated with Dr Shetty for a couple of years now. Not only is she a great doctor but a superb human being too. She has helped me immensely in some issues that I had seen many doctors for and got no results from. This book will definitely provide all the secrets to what makes her so beautiful too. Lots of love and more success.”

Sania Mirza

Tennis Player
“I have known Dr Rashmi for some time now. She treated my skin after a few doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. She is someone who knows what she’s doing and her results speak for her work. I trust her judgement and knowledge on skin implicitly.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra