Your face is what makes you, you. A flawless blemish free face gives you the chance to show the world the real you. Treating the face is an art and science.

Smooth, soft and glowing skin is a result of beautiful texture, proper hydration, luminosity and a gorgeous complexion.

The skin on your face is fragile, more sensitive and needs extra attention. Most people believe that skin care predominantly involves treating the surface of the skin, and “the glow” coms front just the skin … But it involves so much more.Every layer below your skin is connected to the surface. Good skin care involves going below the surface to understand the root cause of the problem.

Hence it’s incredibly important to choose the right dermatologist with special training, experience and skill in aesthetics to help you correct any imperfections and understand the best skin care approach.

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Dr Rashmi has more than 15 years of experience in beautifying faces of various ethnicities and personally consults, analyses and treats each of her clients to bring out their natural best. At Dr. Rashmi’s you will be given the best professional clinical treatments using the most advanced technologies the world of skincare has to offer.

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Skin Treatments

Disclaimer: The initial approach is always a detailed consultation, a clinical analysis of your concern; post which medical care, home care, lifestyle adjustments and nutritional care is suggested.