Angle Of Jaw

As you grow older, the bones in the body begin to wear out, just like the tissues, muscles and fat and the same happens even to the framework of the face. As a result of this, the angle of jaw might become blunter or more rounded due to the collapse of the soft tissue.

How do we correct this?

Earlier, surgery was the only way to correct such things, but now, there are various fillers that are available for structural corrections or even for a long lasting lift of the tissue, etc. Just the way an artist has a number of tools available to create the best works of art, we at our clinic use the best and highest quality of “tools” available in the market to yield the best result.

However, it is eventually the skill of the artist that makes him a Picasso or an ordinary painter, and we at Ra clinic make sure that we skilfully transform your face to the best version of itself.