One of the most popular trends in the beauty industry in the last few years has been the “high cheekbone” one. I have noticed people with unnaturally high cheekbones that one can easily tell involve a job being done on the face. In the name of pulling off the skin from the lower face, or anti-ageing the lower face, or simply wanting to look ‘beautiful’, the face actually ends up looking disproportionate.

Our belief at Ra

The features of a person have to be harmonious with the face shape and should blend in really well. This is what we strive to achieve at our clinic, where we believe in minimalism. My approach to such things has always been with the aim of making a person look like a more youthful version of themselves and not like somebody else entirely.

Remember that there are certain quirky features that make you, YOU. Therefore, less is always more. Your cheekbones, if tweaked correctly can be one the most youthful features of your face.