Chin Enhancement

Indians, due to certain genetics, tend to have a weaker structure in the lower half of the face. A common concern happens to be a backward chin or in some cases a protruding chin. Also, just like with age where our body has a tendency to gain or lose fat from certain specific areas, likewise with the face too. Some pockets of fat may be lost or may give the appearance of a weaker face structure. This concern can be fixed with chin enhancement.

Our role

The aesthetician’s role over here it to correctly replenish the fats that are lost, to take away the excess tissue and to restore the balance and harmony to the face. We offer:

  • Focussed ultrasound

  • Ultherapy

These work below the skin without touching the skin. It lifts the skin along with it and even targets excess fat on the lower face, giving the impression of a more tightly wrapped lower face that has slimmed off. Depending on the composition of your face, we at Ra choose from various options depending on what exactly needs to be corrected. These could also be:

  • Radiofrequency

  • Ultrasound

  • Invasive tool/ Injectibles