Flakey / Rough Skin

  • Dryness of the skin
  • Seborrhea
  • Eczema

It gives the skin a scaly and rough feel and in extreme cases, gives the skin a cracked appearance. Commonly occurring in winter and on parts of the body that have fewer grease glands, appropriate steps must be taken to restore the health of the skin.

I have noticed that people try to get rid of the flakes on the skin by scrubbing, or using loofas or towels to rub them off. This is the worst way to deal with a common condition like this, because it leads to post inflammatory pigmentation and dark patches (especially around the mouth, temples and forehead). I have also noticed that there is an array of creams and lotions available in the market and that people just apply any cream because they think that hydration will cure the dryness.

How do we treat this at our clinic?

Some skin is oil dry, while some skin can be water dry, and to understand this, it is important to go to your skin expert. We, at Ra clinic, take complete care to study the skin thoroughly and then prescribe the lotions, creams or treatments which have the best suited ingredients to cure the skin.