Ever since Angelina Jolie popularised the bee-stung lip look, I have had so many people coming to me with the wish of achieving the same effect. I always try to reason with them, that their features have to be in proportion to each other and at the same time they have to compliment the facial frame.

Point to be noted:

When it comes to the lips, a small little job or a tiny amount of filler is enough to plump it up a little bit so that it looks youthful and hydrated. Especially in situations where the lips start sagging or shrinking with age, a little lip plumping could do wonders to the overall look.

In my career so far, I have had the pleasure of working on some of the many faces that are seen on the screen and I have also noticed very obvious lip jobs done on many others. I have worked with faces that have had to be in front of the camera the very next day and cannot afford to look drastically different from the previous day and so, the art lies in subtlety.

It is essential for the person themselves to be able to understand a good job from a fantastic job. The more blatant the job, the more likely it is to make one look unnatural and less like themselves.