Open Pores

  • Oily skin
  • Ageing (that tends to relax the skin)

Why should you treat this condition?

Open pores causes dullness of the skin as it prevents the light from reflecting evenly. It is important to have the pores closed so that the skin can look bright and flawless.

I personally am not in favour of excessive steaming, hot conditions, severe exfoliation in the form of scrubbing the face (often harshly), or the use of the blackhead removal strips. These can lead to an alteration in the size of your pores or even permanently relaxed pores. One must keep in mind the fact that pores cannot just be opened or closed.

Some of the basic remedies offered at our clinic to help restrict the openness of the pores are:

  • chemical peelings and homecare products

Steps can also be taken to physically stimulate the collagen by:

  • Micro needling
  • Micro needling with radio frequency
  • Monopolar radiofrequency (which doubles up as an anti-ageing treatment while reducing the pore size)
  • Another magical treatment offered by us is the hyper-diluted botox. It is injected into the skin to cause shrinking of the pores and leaves the person with porcelain like skin. However, the result of this lasts for around a month and a half and it needs to be redone from time to time.
  • We also have a special concoction that we combine with PRP (platelet rich plasma) which delivers stunning results by improving skin luminosity and tightness.