Post Acne Pigmentation

The pigment changes that may occur after an acne breakout lead to this condition which we call post acne pigmentation.

  • Flat brown or red spots that are left on the skin after the acne lesions heal.
  • The overproduction of melanin (the pigment responsible for giving skin it’s colour)

These marks are not permanent but care must be taken in order to prevent the worsening and to accelerate the healing. As I have mentioned earlier, I always believe that it is better to nip the problem in the bud itself. Hence, the acne must be treated in the initial phase before it can become strong enough to lead to post acne pigmentation.

Our solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the acne and skin, in the instance of it leading to the pigmentation, we offer a plethora of solutions, right from recommending the correct creams and ointments, to chemical peels , pigment lasers and even home remedies to help you eliminate this problem.