Post Acne Scars

After a severe acne breakout, there can be two types of skin changes that occur, either a textural change, or a pigment change.

  • Leads to what we call the post acne scars.
  • It is caused by the inflammation during the skin’s healing process after a severe acne breakout.
  • It is the direct result of deep trauma caused to the skin especially due to external habits like picking or bursting the pimple.
  • The overproduction or underproduction of tissue as a response to the damage is what leaves behind these scars (which are seen as indentations or protrusions on the skin).

In my years of experience, I have seen how these scars can even take years to go in spite of constant treatment. Therefore, I believe that prevention is better than cure. One must visit their dermatologist as soon as the acne appears. In the case where the acne lesions have already been created, it is essential that the correct treatment is exercised. One must not end up taking harsh treatments in the pursuit of hurrying your result, where you end up with more damage to the skin.