Rosacea is a condition which causes extreme redness of the skin.

What is the possible cause of this?

Lately, there has been the discovery of the demodex mite (a naturally occurring mite that is found on the skin of all humans) as a cause of it. The overabundance of this mite can either cause or severely aggravate the rosacea. Importance must be given to going to a very good skin doctor for this condition as it is tricky to diagnose and the treatment given to control this is essential.

Very often, I have seen cases where the rosacea is combined with the occurrence of severe acne and these cases have to be treated with extreme care because the acne has to be handled on already inflamed skin. In fact, one of my happiest moments as a doctor was when I was recommended multiple times by one of my patients who was a victim of this condition, but was thrilled with the result they experienced under our care. Thereafter, we have successfully treated many of these cases, and brought the smiles back on their faces.