Thread lifts

Thread lifts is a procedure for skin tightening or lifting. Absorbable threads are used that stay for a while where deposited  stimulating a wound healing reaction thus stimulating collagen .

Tighter firmer skin . Some amount of contouring and skin lifting is achieved as well.

After preparing your skin, Dr Rashmi Shetty inserts the threads along the direction of the desired lift into various parts of the face. The threads dissolve within 3 weeks to a month.

In about a month’s time and it keeps getting better.

Depending on the number of sittings and frequency of treatment which will be decided by Dr Rashmi Shetty at consultation ( and maybe altered as the treatment progresses ), results may last up to a year.

When inserted wrongly or in a wrong plane, the thread under the skin may be visible. There can be temporary bruising. Infection is a rare chance, if due care is not taken. The thread on rare occasions can be rejected and thrown out of the skin